BooST provides a toolkit for starter cities comprising an assessment framework of the Gross Potential for Cycling (GPC) of cities, an assessment framework of the Economic Value for Cycling (EVC), and a Cycling Measures Selector (CMB):

  1. The Gross Potential for Cycling (GPC) identifies and assesses the size of target groups by their willingness to shift to cycling, and of target areas by their geographical and built environment conditions. It thus focuses on the gross potential instead of user satisfaction and infrastructure assessment regularly used for ‘champion cities’.
  2. The Economic Value for Cycling (EVC) builds on existing assessment frameworks developed for champion cities and innovates by considering specificities of starter cities, such as, the potential losses on public transport patronage and revenue in early stages, or in fuel tax revenues, which associated to the high infrastructure investments, have a significant impact.
  3. The Cycling Measures Selector (CMS) for Starter Cities provides support in the identification of mobility management measures best suited for cycling in starter-city contexts and tailored to their GPC.