The Cycling Measures Selector (CMS) aims to support the identification of the most appropriate mobility management measures to encourage cycling in starter cities, depending on specific contexts and objectives.

The CMS was developed considering different profiles of promoters:

  • On the one hand, the municipalities and urban planners, which integrate a broader set of measures focused on the city’s network and conditions for cycling;
  • On the other hand, schools/universities and organizations/companies, which are necessarily more limited in terms of budget, target audience and scope.

If you are a Municipality, School/ University or Company/ Organization, select you profile below and build your package of measures for promoting cycling mobility:

       School or University         Company or Organization

Packages of Measures’ creation process

Use the scheme below to locate your progress or return to a previous phase.



Credits: The Cycling Measures Selector has been inspired by KonSULT – the Knowledgebase on Sustainable Urban Land use, by the Transportation Demand Management Encyclopedia of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute and by the European project PRESTO – Promoting cycling for everyone as daily transport mode, but developed with a specific focus starter cycling cities.