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1. Presentation

Cyclist-based signage follows a global scale pattern, but in most European countries such signalling is mostly in blue and red. In countries where the use of the bicycle is higher, there are specific signs to ensure the safe circulation of the cyclist.


2. Objectives

The main goal is to provide adequate signage for the safe and efficient orientation of cycling, pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. Therefore, specific signs have been listed for the following dimensions: accessibility; inaccessibility; and priority.


3. Expected Results

Encourage more people to use the bicycle; reduce the number of accidents; reduce conflicts between cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles.

1. Terminologies and Descriptions




2. Measures Importance

Cycling-specific signage can reduce conflict between cyclists and motorized vehicles, ensuring an increased level of visibility and clear priority of circulation for cyclists. This measure enhances eye contact and awareness among competing modes of transportation.

1. Short and long run demand responses


2. Budget


3. Impacts (contribution to objectives)




4. Barriers to implementation



Case Study 1: Cycling Traffic Signs – Amsterdam, Netherland

Overall, there are two types of road signs in the world. The Netherlands and most of Europe uses the type is mainly blue and red as opposed to the mainly yellow and black found in US, Australia and Ireland. In Netherlands there are specific bicycle signs and especially supplementary plates intended to guarantee the safe circulation of all modes of transportation.

Impacts (contribution to objectives)


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