The Portuguese capital has been chosen to organize the conference Velo-City 2021 promoted by the European Cyclists’ Federation, considered the main reference in terms of planning and promotion of cycling as a daily mode of transportation, but also in leisure activities, as well as in terms of economic and health benefits.

The Velo-City conferences started in 1980 in Bremen, Germany, and have taken place in several cities around the world that stand out for their commitment to bicycle. In this contest, Lisbon was finalist with Ljubljana and Valencia and stood out for the strong local and national political commitment in the improvement of active transportation modes, but also for the involvement in the application of the national bicycle industry, the academy and civil society organizations (MUBi, Estrada Viva, UVP-Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo, ACA-M, FCPUB).

This is another important incentive to take on cycling as a commitment at national and municipal level.

Lisbon chosen to organize Velo-city 2021