Project BooST was presented at the first Annual Meeting of the Cycling Research Board in Amsterdam, within the session called “The image of the city”, on November 15th 2018.


The 90-minute session was organized embracing a non-traditional method of sharing knowledge, involving the participation of 4 researchers, with diverse topics and perspectives, as well as an engaged audience.

In the first part of the session each participant introduced their  projects and research questions with few interventions of the audience members. The second round explored the methods applied in each evidence base. The third part counted with the audience feedback on ways in which such research could be strengthened.  The last part counted with a group reflection regarding the diverse ideas and propositions, followed by the identification of possible research synergies.

BooST’s researcher Isabel Cunha presented the project and its assessment method focusing on the importance of providing a specific know-how and guidance to starter cycling cities to break the initial resistance towards cycling strategic planning. In this context, the attention was given to the spatial representation of the cycling potential in the case of Portuguese municipalities (Porto and Matosinhos). The audience considered the method as a useful tool to strengthen communication ties and strategic planning involving researchers, municipality, stakeholders and individuals.

 BooST presented at the first Annual Meeting of the Cycling Research Board