Winter can be a tough time for even the most hardened cyclist. Dark mornings and evenings coupled with cold, wet, icy and sometimes even snowy weather can make cycling seem like a chore. But there are ways to combat whatever winter throws at you and stay in the saddle no matter what the weather.

Uk charity SusTrans collected the best tips, that we summarise below…



  • Keep your feet warm
  • Wear gloves and a hat
  • Be prepared for all weather
  • Wear lots of thin layers
  • Quality waterproofs



  • It keeps you fit and healthy
  • Cycling is great for your wellbeing
  • It’s the best option – faster, cheaper, healthier and more fun!


Read the full article here.

If you want to know more about cycling in even more extreme weather conditions, visit the Winter Cycling Federation website.


Cycling in Winter – tips and motivation