In September 2018, within the scope of the European Mobility Week, the European Commission has launched its Social Biking challenge across Europe. The Social Biking challenge aims to encourage cycling as a social habit. The challenge promotes physical activity, the use of a sustainable transport mode (the bicycle), and also aims to increase the modal share of cycling by creating a network of cyclists.

The challenge is based on the BikePrints app that allows users to track their rides and to participate in a three-week competition within their city and also with all the other participating cities in Europe.  Participants may ride alone, in pairs or in groups, and earn points based on the distance they ride that may be converted to prizes.

The European Commission seeks local coordinators (municipalities, NGOs, cycling clubs, etc.) to help promote and organise the Social Biking Challenge in their city/town. The dates for the 2019 challenge will be announced in spring, so stay tuned to their website:


Social Biking challenge