The registrations for the final project  BooST Conference, “Boosting Starter Cycling Cities”, are now open. 

The event will take place on July 1st 2021. In addition to presenting the project’s results, the conference aims to incentivize the discussion on future steps to take in the promotion of bicycle use in Portugal. The event will include contributions from municipal representatives, from companies in the bicycle area, and from bicycle activist groups. Throughout the day cycling strategies implemented in Portuguese cities will be presented and round tables will be organized to reflect on the results of the tools, the strategies and their implications for the future of the bicycle in Portugal. For more information on the program and registrations visit the conference tab. 

This event is associated with the 13th CITTA Annual Conference on Planning Research, hosted by the Research Centre for the Territory, Transports and the Environment (CITTA). This conference will take place on July 2nd 2021, exclusively in English, and will host plenary and parallel sessions, with contributions from several scientific projects in the scope of human scale planning. You can find more information regarding this event in the same tab. 

Both conferences will be virtual and free.

Registrations for the Final Conference are open!